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PDC Bit Nomenclature

Click each part of the bit identifier to see an explanation of what each portion indicates.

8.750 (222) DD 6 16 S

Bit Diameter
(in.) (mm) (in.) (mm)
4.625 117 9.875 251
4.750 121 11.000 279
6.125 155 12.250 311
6.750 171 13.500 343
7.875 200 14.750 374
8.500 216 17.750 444
8.750 222
DrillPoint Series
DV Vertical Series
DD Directional Series
DT Tough Series
DA Aggressive Series
Blade Count
Cutter Size
11 11 mm 7/16"
13 13 mm 1/2"
16 16 mm 5/8"
19 19 mm 3/4"
Bit Body Material
S Steel Body
M Matrix Body

Optional Features

Impact Arrestor (A) helps reduce torque variation, provides consistent depth of cut, and limits deviation tendencies.

Backup Cutter (B) helps provide more diamond volume to the cutting structure for increased cutter longevity.

Chamfered Blade (C) helps reduce formation rubbing that occurs in cases of high instantaneous ROP.

Up-Drill Cutter (D) helps maintain wellbore quality and limits gage bevel wear when tripping out of the well.

Diamond Enhanced Impact Arrestor (E) provides added protection of the cutting structure in extreme cases of transitional formation drilling.

Long Gage Pad (L) provides more wellbore contact and thus greater stability.

Gage Trimmer (T) helps provide added gage protection.

Atypical Nozzle Count (N) specifies when a design has more or less nozzles than the number of blades.


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