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Our Technology

Drillpoint Resources is quickly becoming a leader in the downhole tool industry providing multiple customers with a competitive product. We utilize the latest technology with regard to raw material, PDC cutters, tungsten carbide inserts and US steel to design and manufacture our downhole tools. The latest automated CNC equipment and programming methods are employed with adherence to strict quality standards. We are committed to continual improvement as we abide to API and ISO standards.

Our Product Development Process (PDP)

At Drillpoint Resources, we incorporate a PDP process that is both nimble and efficient. We strive in maintaining the process flexible so that we can react quickly to customer demands. There are four major steps in the process that we refer to as the DEEP Optimization platform. The first step is Data evaluation and analysis. The next step involves Engineering and design. The third step is Execution and manufacturing. The final step in the platform is Post run evaluation and Optimization. Within each step we strive to incorporate synergy and effective communication to swiftly provide the customer with a high quality product.

DEEP product development process


DrillPoint Resources is registered ISO 9001 compliant by QMS Global, and is API Spec Q1 registered.

PDC Bit Nomenclature

Click here for an overview of our PDC bit features and an explanation of nomenclature.